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30Bus Car Rental for many years for well-known enterprises to provide VIP guests, legal, safety, comfort and honor the ultimate service that whenever business executives
Length with car hire, employees transport vehicles.Careful planning, tailor-made.
Past service experience:
Taiwan, Panasonic, Esprit, Foxconn, HTC,  eight TV,
Zojirushi Taiwan, National Taiwan University, Ocean University ... and so experienced.
Chartered business, leisure play, marriage ceremony cars, wedding guest transportation,
Airport transfers, domestic tourism charter. First-class professional services, concerns
The safety of passengers, we offer at least 10 million passengers per car insurance.
The company specializes in fine driving each have a professional driver's license, good card and
No significant record of who made ​​it, I believe that is your best choice on the car.

Airport Shuttle, online car rental, island tourism, business car, business visits, community transport
Work and school, business travel, wedding limousines, chartered tours, sightseeing tours, high-speed rail transportation

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